Testomonial List

"We provide a special niche for young, full spectrum Family Medicine Physicians here in Humboldt County.   Family Doctors do want to come here, however, there is no physical work space for them.   I have to turn away physicians at this time because we do not have the physical capacity for them."

- Dr. Stephanie Dittmer

"In the same way that the Murphy and Renner families helped to make Redwood Memorial Hospital a reality for the entire Eel River Valley, the Fortuna community health center is the next generation of healthcare for our families. "

- Karen Pingatore, business owner, Ferndale, CA

"This new center will expand access, increase efficiency and provide a comprehensive range of medical, dental and behavioral health services. It will take the efforts of us all to make the Fortuna Community Health Center a reality. Standing still is not an option; the way forward is by working together."

- Robin Smith, FNP, President/Managing Partner (retired), Humboldt Medical Group, Inc.

"Health Care as changed dramatically in the last few years. It is no longer reasonable to expect that primary care needs of a community can be addressed by individual doctors working in solo private practices. It is essential that we build health care teams to be responsive to the needs of our community."

- Dr. Bill Hunter, Chief Medical Officer, Open Door Community Health Centers

"It is imperative that our community be proactive and take whatever steps are necessary to assure that our health care system returns to what we once had in Fortuna; great doctors with a modern, full service medical facilities. The McLean Foundation has decided to donate and support the building of the Fortuna Community Health Center. With the community's help, we can return our health system to being an asset in the Eel River Valley. I urge you to donate and support this campaige. "

- Dennis Scott, Board President, McLean Foundation

"The ongoing success of Redwood Memorial Hospital is tied to our ability to recruit and retain providers including both primary care and specialists. The Open Door Community Health Center is doing critically important work to build a new state of the art Fortuna Community Health Center -which will stabilize primary care in the community and ensure the continuing success of Redwood Memorial Hospital. "

- David O’Brien, M.D., M.S., President, St. Joseph Health- Humboldt County

"I want to see Redwood Memorial Hospital as a strong sustainable health provider.  Having Fortuna Community Health Center join us in providing services to the Eel River Valley will help bolster our physicians and our hospital. Doctor's and medical staff are the heart of our hospital. Having FCHC on our team makes us an attractive place to live and work.  I am excited to have them, they are a huge step toward building a solid future. "

- John Egan, Realtor, Developer and Former Redwood Memorial Hospital Foundation President

"The New Fortuna Community Health Center will improve our level of care in the ERV and will help eliminate unnecessary hospital Emergency Room visits. The new health center will be a wonderful addition to our community! "

- Rene’ Imperiale Egan - Fortuna Native

"Health care is changing and we need to keep up with it. The New Fortuna Community Health Center is the best way to preserve our health care system in the long run. "

- Rick Center - President of the Redwood Memorial Hospital Foundation

"The New (Fortuna Community Health) Center will enhance our community and Redwood Memorial Hospital.  It also will help recruit new physicians to both of the facilities. This center will be a great partnership. "

- Becky Giacomini - St. Joseph Hospital, Board of Trustees